Wednesday, 2 September 2015

I Told You I was Ill...

As our society plunges into crisis after crisis, it's getting harder to ignore the warning signs. Lurching up from our mundane existence, viscerally tearing through our protective bubble and piercing our collective delusion, one horrifying attack after another. 'Where did that come from?' we might hear them say. 'Nobody could have foreseen that'. Only the cracks are appearing too often and too bloody now. We can't simply condemn and move on, obliviously, until the next episode.

The latest atrocity to come from America, 'the land of the free', is the murder of a TV news reporter and her cameraman, apparently influenced by another bloody mass shooting in a black church by a lone white supremacist gunman. Eye for an eye anybody? Maybe Gandhi was right. Maybe we have blinded ourselves, because if we cannot see the lesson here, we sadly never will.  If we do not recognise that violence begets violence and learn it fast, it might be a godsend, in time, that we are blind.

The recent 'migrant crisis' is classic fear-mongering. It even distorts the language for starters. The majority of these people are not migrant workers looking for work or benefit handouts, but are genuine refugees attempting to escape horrors and atrocities that would be near incomprehensible to many of us in the west. The only answer the authorities have to the problem is to put up rows of barbed fences manned by security to keep them out. I mean, Donald Trump is effectively running for president on the claim that he 'knows how to build really big fences'. I wonder if Joe the Plumber will be vice because he 'knows how to build a big dam to stop the immigrants getting our water'.
But, then, the fences ultimately begin failing due to the sheer vast numbers of refugees involved. Then the public are coerced through fear manipulation to build bigger and bigger fences, or use harsher and harsher techniques, until we are 'disposing' of them in mass graves and gas chambers...The walls may get bigger and bigger, but so too will the bodies piling up against it.

The sickness that fractures our world is no more evident than in the Middle East currently. ISIS or ISIL are quite obviously a direct and indirect result of the disastrous illegal Iraq war and the terror we have inflicted upon them. They are people so desperate they have to turn to radical hate groups because nobody else will stand up for them. I would like to know how many Iraqi orphans and widowers are within ISIS' ranks. They despairingly seek the comfort of the shade of anyone who will offer it, and if not met with a kind hand, they will turn, inexorably, to a cruel one.  

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” - Yoda.

According to the World Health Organisation, 800,000 commit suicide each year, with many more attempting suicide. It was the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds globally in 2012.  The second highest cause of death. I hope you are as shocked as me when reading that statistic. The youth of our world are intentionally killing themselves in droves. How can we continue along this path unabated and unashamed? It's utter madness. It's sick beyond belief. With 121 million with depression globally and increasing poverty worldwide as the inequality gap further widens, we are surely heading for disaster of pure epic proportions.
The austerity cuts in the UK, totalling £80 million, are putting more and more pressure on the people who are the most vulnerable and are destroying lives and families. Warnings from charities are routinely ignored. The deliberately underfunded NHS is at bursting point and the petition on the government's own website with the most signatures is the one calling for the resignation of the current Health Secretary! Is that really listening to the will of the people?

These killing sprees, migrant deaths, suicides and gruesome murders we are experiencing and inflicting onto ourselves is NOT normal. I know it seems ridiculous to state this fact, but we, as a species, have the disastrous habit of missing the bleeding obvious. The psychological, emotional and physical violence we inflict on each other, day after day, is having its toll.

Every ounce of suffering is each tortured soul screaming for release from this invisible prison. The prison that has warped our minds, blinded our eyes and infected our hearts. The prison we incarcerate ourselves into through our misguided, distorted and delusional belief systems.

Society is screaming out in pain.

It's screaming, "I TOLD YOU I WAS ILL!!"

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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